The most common question I’m asked….

Where do you find all your pickings?

“Lol – everywhere!” Seriously – curbs, trash ( yeah I look through people’s trash but only from afar… I don’t root. Mostly from the confines of my car. ) Auctions! Yes! I love them but “ADD” tends to set in and I get bored so I try to take a friend and go where it’s hopping. And my most favorite place to pick is my parents barn! They have lived their for over 40 years and have collected just about every type of antique. People through the years would give stuff to them or my Dad would pick up. My parents also went through a antiquing phase buying and selling. So I know already you got “Horder” on the brain… I guess I just painted that picture but really they are not at all. Every time I walk into the barn I find something buried. I will post some pics of my next adventure there.



2 things I picked from the barn recently was an old apple juice glass jug.. I remember drinking a lot of juice from these as a kid. So I figured I would chalk paint it to see what it looked like and I liked it. So now it sits on my mantle. Great memory piece!

And I found the fruit crate… I love these things. Had to clean it up and wax it, it turned out pretty good.



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